Mediocre Athletes of the Week: The Seattle Seahawks and the NFC West

Two weeks ago I unveiled a new regular feature on Mediocre Athlete, the Mediocre Athlete of the Week…and then last week I didn’t post one because I was busy. I know, I suck. To make up for it, for this week I thought it would make sense to roll last week’s nomination into this week’s post since they’re related to one another. Last week I was going to award the entire NFC West as the Mediocre Athlete of the Week, whereas this week the honor quite obviously goes to the Seattle Seahawks, so what the hell, YOU get crowned and YOU get crowned, Oprah-style.

"Woooo! We're number worst! We're number worst!"

You know that when a team with a losing record emerges as the best out of a division, that division must be pretty pathetic. The Seahawks managed to do just that, clinching the wimpy NFC West with a 7-9 record and earning a playoff spot against the current NFL champions, the New Orleans Saints, this weekend. Not since the Detroit Lions’ record-breaking winless season has an NFL team made such unspectacular history of craptastic proportions. Congratulations, Seahawks, you’re playoff-bound thanks to your exceptional mediocrity. And to the NFC West, thanks for producing such awful football teams that you made Seattle’s mediocre rise to the NFL playoffs possible.