Pro Triathletes Are Insane

I was thinking that I’m kind of bad-ass for Die Hard-ing it through a half Ironman with bloody feet, but I immediately humbled up when I heard about how the top pros finished in Boise. First of all, Chris Lieto busted out a 2:04 bike. That is sick. He averaged 27 mph for 56 miles. I can’t even average that high a speed for a sprint race. With a bike time that killer, you’d think he’d easily win, right?

Well, it certainly looked that way. Lieto was ahead of Craig Alexander by nearly a minute and a half with one mile to go on the run. Normally that’d be it — that’s too big a deficit to make up in such a short distance (unless the person you’re trying to catch is doing like a 10 minute mile or something). Lieto ran a 1:19 half marathon, averaging 6:03 minute miles. That is FAST…but Craig Alexander, by the grace of God, ran his final mile in like a 4:46 and beat Lieto by two heartbreaking seconds (check out the photo finish over at Ironman Boise’s website–it’s gut wrenching).

First of all, I can’t believe that after swimming 1.2 miles, biking 56 miles and running 12.1 miles, Craig Alexander was still able to bust out a sub-5 minute mile to squeak out the win. His total run time was 1:13:44, averaging a 5:38 pace. Good grief. Secondly, can you imagine how Lieto must have felt? Two weeks ago he lost to Craig Alexander and took 2nd at the Kona 70.3, and he gets win-blocked again by the same dude. I bet Lieto has made a little Craig Alexander voodoo doll and is stabbing the holy hell out of it.

Major props to both athletes. I can’t imagine biking or running that fast. They’re so hardcore.

3 Responses to “ “Pro Triathletes Are Insane”

  1. Tom says:

    That’s pretty insane. Those photos are crippling. To lose a race like that by seconds is hard. His only consolation must be that he’s racing against a living, walking, swimming, running, biking SUPERMAN.

  2. Triathlete-Wannabe... says:

    This is still one of the most awesome photo journalism ever. haha. They are serious sickos. Adrenaline much?

  3. Tim says:

    Great recap!!

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