Why the Snohomish River Run Was (Probably) Awesome

Why the Snohomish River Run Was (Probably) Awesome

So in my last post I talked about how I was going to do the Snohomish River Run 10k to get back into the “hey, I should probably do some regular workouts” swing of things. Well, the race was October 27th and I missed it because I wasn’t feeling well. I’ve had a stint of “not feeling well, feeling a little better, not feeling well again” yo-yo-ing for the past couple weeks. It’s been pretty suckalicious and has dragged me further down into the post-Ironman depression dugout. But since I feel bad about not running the 10k after saying I would, I’m going to highlight why the race was probably pretty awesome.

1. The finishers were all bad-ass. I saw how pooptastic the weather was that morning (pouring rain, which is different than the standard “weak sneeze of a Seattle misting” we usually get) and think it’s pretty impressive that people still got out there to run despite the chilly temps and soaking wet conditions.

2. The awards were pretty cool. I’m a fan of races that give out unique prizes instead of the token “yaay, you did pretty well” medal. The Snohomish River Run hooked the race winners up with some nice-looking mugs:

Look at that muggy goodness

Pretty neat–I love it when smaller races go the extra mile (no pun intended) to provide a unique experience for the athletes.

3. Everyone PR’d and got free cupcakes that tasted awesome but had zero calories. I’m 90% sure that happened, I just wasn’t there to experience it firsthand.

If you did the race, let me know how it went. I’m sorry I missed out and am trying to get out of this post-Ironman trip to Funkytown, so any kicks in the butt would be greatly appreciated.

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