Jim, If You Thought Getting Beat By a Joggler at a Half Marathon Was Bad…

My boyfriend’s dad Jim (whom I guess is basically my father-in-law at this point seeing as how Jason and I have been dating longer than most marriages seem to last nowadays) is an amusing fellow. He has always been a fan of cycling and is a pretty strong cyclist, but over the last several years he’s gotten interested in triathlon too as Jas and I have raced more and more. Jim logs a bunch of time in the pool swimming and will often hit up back to back spin classes at the athletic club or ride with us, yet due to bad knees and ankles, he can’t really muster up a decent run, which is why despite our encouragement, he’ll likely never bite the bullet and sign up to do a triathlon.

Despite his aches and pains, two years ago Jim wanted to try and get back into running so he signed up for the Seattle half marathon. His ankles acted up during the race and slowed him down considerably, and he hobble-jogged across the finish line at a painful lean. When we congratulated him on his accomplishment, he bemoaned the fact that not only did he not have a good run, he got beat by someone who brought special levels of humiliation:

Jim: “I got passed by a guy juggling!”

Jason: “What? You got beat by a joggler?”

Jim: “Yeah! And he wasn’t even a good juggler! He kept dropping everything!”

Well Jim, if you thought getting beat by a joggler was bad, imagine how demoralizing it would be to get beat by this guy at a sprint triathlon:

Completing A Triathlon While Juggling – Watch More Funny Videos

Yes, this dude completed a sprint triathlon while juggling the whole way, from the swim (a pretty impressive back-float method) to a one-handed juggle on the bike to a joggle all the way to the finish. I’m pretty sure if Jim signed up for a sprint triathlon and got beat by a juggling triathlete, he would just give up on life altogether.

6 Responses to “ “Jim, If You Thought Getting Beat By a Joggler at a Half Marathon Was Bad…”

  1. Jim says:

    I’m inspired! I just went out and bought 3 tennis balls. . . I think I can still beat him on the bike.

  2. teresa says:


  3. Rachel says:

    There was a guy at the LA Marathon who juggled the entire way – didn’t drop anything (that I saw), and maintained about a 10 minute mile.

    I hate him so much.

  4. Nicole says:

    It does appear, thought, that he beat no one. As a consumer of internet videos, I found this strangely charming. As a runner, I found it sort of annoying.

  5. Joe Salter says:

    Thanks for the post. @Nicole: 99 other participants finished behind me in this triathlon.

    Give it a try, Jim! Have fun, the swim is pretty tough 🙂

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