Biking is Bullshit

Biking is Bullshit

In part 2 of my three part bullshit series, I thought I’d talk about the bullshittiness that is biking. My trainer scheduled us for a 55 mile bike ride over the weekend, and since it was a sunny, lovely day on Saturday we decided to finally break free from the bike trainers and our stuffy, dark living room and allow our bicycles to touch actual pavement.

Jason insisted that we do the Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3 course, to which I begrudgingly obliged. We rode the course twice last year, and I hated it both times. It’s a fairly technical course, with a lot of turns and a number of irritating hills. Also, it’s in Lake Stevens, which means that as you’re riding you get passed by huge pickup trucks that blare their horns at you for daring to venture out on the road in anything that’s not Hemi-equipped.

Our track record with Lake Stevens isn’t great. The first time we rode it went okay, but we were with a giant group who actually knew where they were going. The second time we did the course, Jason’s friend broke his rear derailleur while miserably cranking up a hill and had to wait around in a combination general store/bait and tackle shop while Jason and I rode back to the car so we could pick him up. (Naturally, we got lost on the way back.)

This time around, we packed up our bike stuff and headed to Jason’s parents’ house to meet up with his dad who also wanted to ride the course. We got to “downtown” Lake Stevens (meaning the street with the Subway), parked, used the bathroom, checked our maps and ventured off for our hardcore 55 mile bike ride.

When we came to the first intersection we immediately made the wrong decision and ventured in the completely opposite direction of where we were supposed to head. We biked for about 4 miles before realizing that we had to be horribly lost because we ended up riding directly into a construction zone. Barriers were placed right up against the white line, forcing us into the lane as hoards of vehicles zoomed past us. I prayed that I wouldn’t get clipped by a car while trying not to pass out from the mixture of exhaust fumes and construction stink.

After another mile or two we managed to wrangle free from the construction zone and stopped to check our maps again. We found the road that led back to where we parked, so we decided to take it all the way to the starting point so we could get our bearings and find the proper course. After riding for a bit, we stopped again to check the map to make sure we were on the right track. It was at this point when Jason’s dad realized he had broken a rear bike spoke. Great. Okay, Plan B: Ride back to the car, head to Jason’s parents’ house so his dad could swap out the tire with his other bike’s spare rim, then find a new goddamn course that’s easy to navigate and relatively free of toxic fumes.

We rode onward: me in front, Jason a bit behind me and his dad bringing up the rear with his broken spoke. I was pedaling pretty steadily when I happened to run over something pretty hard with my front tire. I had about enough time to mentally utter “Shit” before my tire imploded. GAHHHH. I stopped and Jason rode up next to me, exclaiming that he had heard my tire pop when it happened (and he had been a ways behind me).

I started to change my tire (my sixth flat in a year — at least I’m getting pretty good at swapping out tubes). Jason’s dad continued on to the car as I wasted a cartridge trying to figure out how to inflate a tube without using a bike pump. Thankfully, the second time was the charm. I inflated my tire and was about to put it back onto my bike when Jason said, “Hey, look.” I checked out the exterior of the tire and, sure enough, it was totally shredded in one section, with a chunk of rubber hanging off like a loose tooth. My ride was officially over.

Basically, our 55 mile ride ended up being 10 miles. We got lost, Jason’s dad broke a spoke, and I had to spend $70 on a new tire, cartridges and tubes. In a nutshell: biking is bullshit.

3 Responses to “ “Biking is Bullshit”

  1. Triathlete-Wannabe... says:

    hahahahaha…. Yes, having your tire explode = bullshit. However, swimming is still the greatest bullshit there is!

  2. Bri says:

    Yuck, definite BS! I knock on wood every time I think about this but I’ve yet to get a flat….eekk! I’m going to head up there next Sunday if you guys want to go together! (the 24th)

  3. Teresa says:

    That is what we love about biking…Never know what your going to get! Each day is an adventure out there!

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