Dear K-Swiss: What the Hell Happened to Your Korean K-Onas?

I sent this email to K-Swiss in hopes that they’ll respond and help an Asian out:

Dear K-Swiss,

I’m a big fan of your products — I have numerous pairs of K-Swiss shoes and my triathlon team (TN Multisports) receives a nice discount on some K-Swiss merchandise. However, I’ve got a bit of a bone to pick with you. Last August I was in Penticton to race Ironman Canada, and while I was there I saw a K-Swiss display that featured a number of pairs of K-Ona S shoes. One of the pairs featured a glorious design incorporating the Korean flag. They were pretty awesome, but you already know that because why else would you turn a less-than-awesome design into a shoe? That would be crazy talk, which would lead to someone getting their ass fired (maybe that’s why Kenny Powers is in charge now).

Unfortunately, since my mind was focused on the race at hand, I didn’t buy them at the time, a decision I ended up regretting because I can’t find these effers anywhere — not on your site, not on the Internet…it’s as if they never existed. But I know they exist because I took a picture of them:

They're real, and they're spectacular

I want these shoes on my feet, damnit.

I tried to fill the void by buying a different pair of K-Ona S shoes (these bad boys), but my royal blues are no match for that glorious Korean flag. Being half Korean, I gotta represent out there with my stumpy Asian legs and supreme crappiness in the water. I really want a pair of the K-Swiss K-Ona S Korean flag shoes. You guys have Australia, Japan, Germany, USA, and Brazil, but like Christopher Walken and his cowbell, I gotta have my Korean kicks. Are they available at all? If so, can you hook a half Asian sista up with a pair (women’s size 8.5)?

Thank you,
Rebecca Kelley (aka the “Mediocre Athlete”)

P.S. Why don’t you offer awesome Korean swag like this in women’s sizes? I love this shirt but would look absurd in a men’s size small. Show Koreans some love, damnit!

9 Responses to “ “Dear K-Swiss: What the Hell Happened to Your Korean K-Onas?”

  1. Triathlete-Wannabe says:

    “Korean” stop your lying and accept your Mexican heritage… I mean, don’t you speak spanish your something?

  2. Mary Moltman says:

    I’m dying to know – did they respond yet? It’s a great letter!!

    • Rebecca says:

      Yeah, they sent me a super lame response talking about how “Blah blah blah, it was a limited release so when they’re gone, they’re gone” (despite the fact that the stupid online store has every other freaking design except for Korea, so either Korea is supremely superior to the other designs and sold out before any other one did or something is afoot — no pun intended). My coach’s husband is looking into getting a pair for me — he has some ties at K-Swiss. I shan’t give up just yet!

      • Ryan says:

        I want their Germany Flag shoe because of my heritage but they don’t have any in men’s size 12!!!! I want those shoes!!!!! Do you think your husband can talk to them to make those size 12 for us guys with big feet??

  3. cc says:

    I saw it yesterday in the local outlet here in Hong Kong. Forgot how much it is, but I think it’s less than US$100.

  4. Jonathan says:

    I just picked up a pair from based in Canada.

    • Rebecca says:

      Whaaaat, they are available! But the smallest they go is a men’s size 8. I wear a women’s 8 but a 9 in running shoes. I wonder if I can manage without tripping everywhere.

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