Countdown to Abs Update: We’re Takin’ It Up a Notch!

I’m 85 days into my “Questin’ for Abs” and thought I’d check in with an update. Since my fattest state (around the time of Rev 3 Portland) I have lost over 23 lbs (yaay!). I’m aiming to lose another eight and then see how things are looking. I figured that when I dropped all this weight, I’d unearth my awesome taut muscles and look lean and buff, but instead I’ve found that my appearance is closer to “small” and “scrawny.” Before, when I had some junk in my trunk, I’d look at my massive legs and think “Ooh, once I lose some of this fat my legs are going to look muscley and awesome.” Now that I’ve lost some of the fat, they look dinky (and stumpily Asian, of course). I’m not as muscular as I thought, which is lame. I was going for the “Coach Bridget” look but instead have achieved the “Bosnian refugee.” Guess I need to do more strength training.

Jason, meanwhile, has lost a whopping 37 lbs and hopes to lose an additional 13 for the upcoming season. This is the skinniest we’ve seen each other since we started dating over seven (yeah yeah “why aren’t you guys married already lol tee hee”) years ago. He doesn’t notice the weight loss on him as much as everyone else does–his face is so much slimmer and we had to go through his entire wardrobe and weed out clothes that are now too gigantic for him to wear. I also made the mistake of buying some new jeans that are now already too loose for me outside of the post-dryer 15 minute window of snug awesomeness. It’s a good problem to have, I suppose, but not when you just plunked down money on new clothes and already don’t fit them. (BTW, I don’t have pictures of our transformation but will write a post once we’re at our goal weights and do a Maury-type “before and after,” minus the part where we bust through a paper screen image of our old fat selves).

Since Jas and I are dropping weight faster than my self-imposed deadline of June 4th, maybe it’s time to take it up a notch. Coach Mark and I discovered that we can get to Costa Rica using airline miles, so we’re possibly maybe potentially planning on traveling to Costa Rica to race the Rev 3 70.3 March 18th. Unfortunately, that means instead of having 200 days to ab up, I would now only have 117. Shit just got real.

Costa Rica would be a lot of fun, but seeing as how I’d be going with Teresa “My Abs Have Abs” Nelson and Mark “No Body Fat” Webb as well as Darin “I Literally Have a Barrel for a Chest” Smith and his gorgeous wife, I’m gonna have to be able to hold my own when it comes to the “hard body in a swimsuit” part of the vacation (which would be the majority of the trip). The pressure’s on, folks.

2 Responses to “ “Countdown to Abs Update: We’re Takin’ It Up a Notch!”

  1. Jill says:

    So, that’s some pretty kick-ass progress, and I have a feeling you’re a lot closer to rock-hard abs than you’re actually letting on/realizing.

    Just curious: Have you just been cutting down on portion size/ what sorts of food are you eating? Because I’ve been running and cross-training a ton for the past two months, and though I’m definitely not training for an Iron Man, I still expected to see some bodily improvement, you know? The problem is, after all those workouts, then I’m all CHOCOLAAAATE. BEEEEER. CHEEEEESE. It’s seriously all I want, and no steamed veggies are going to satisfy all the calories I just burned. How do you ever feel satiated?


    • Rebecca says:

      I’m eating a bit healthier but not really cutting back on certain foods. I have found myself eating less dairy since it’s more caloric, but that doesn’t mean I’m not eating cheese at all (which would be madness, because I too love me some cheesy goodness). I have been drinking a lot less but do enjoy the occasional beer or glass of wine. Obviously, since I’m training a lot, I can eat more because I’m burning more calories. I just make sure that at the end of the day I’m taking in fewer calories than I’m burning. If I have a workout-heavy day, I eat more. If I have a rest day or don’t work out as much, I don’t eat as much.

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