Who Ordered the Shredded Quads?

March has been a busy week for me and Jas, so getting all our workouts in has been a bit tough. In the span of a week, we were in Leavenworth, Portland, and Denver. When I got home from the latest trip, I knew I had to kick things into high gear to get back on track with my workouts and to pick up where Operation De-Chunkify left off. Teresa must have felt the same way, because she scheduled me almost 14 hours’ worth of workouts. *shakes fist*

The week’s not even over yet, and my quads feel like a shredded beef burrito with less delicioso and more pain-o (yes, I minored in Spanish). On Tuesday I ran 5 miles at our track workout, busting out stupid 400s and unsuccessfully stifling nasty fish burps (another food that’s come back to haunt me).

With my legs a bit stiff from track, this morning I went to the dry land swim workout. Since there were only three of us in attendance today, Teresa decided to bring the pain moreso than usual and forced me to do an unholy amount of squats and lunges. (I got the last laugh though, sweating all over every square foot of the workout area. Have fun mopping up my Asian funk, Teresa!)

What did T-Pain schedule after dry land? A 90 minute bike ride that included 5 three minute hill repeats. I dejectedly did my warmup on the trainer, then busted the bike free and rode to a hill that’s a mile from our house (the first ride of the season — had to dust off the cobwebs a bit) and proceeded to turn my quads into this:

(The shape of the legs is pretty accurate — I’ve been cursed with SALS, or Stumpy Asian Leg Syndrome. Thanks, Mom.)

With a run and a swim tomorrow, a stair workout and swim class Saturday, and a 3 1/2 hour ride + brick run Sunday, I think by Monday my leg muscles should make for a pretty tasty pulled pork sandwich. Mmmm, painful.

4 Responses to “ “Who Ordered the Shredded Quads?”

  1. Teresa says:

    By far your most creative, hilarious, most sore causing post yet….you crack me up! xoxo


  2. Sara Keogh says:

    Yee gads – can you even walk today (Monday)?

  3. Rebecca says:

    Actually, yes! Thursday and Friday were the worst. Despite the tough weekend workouts, the legs feel a lot better today.

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