My First Mediocre Athlete Interview!

Every once in a while, people contact me out of the blue and compliment the blog, which has always put a little pep in my stubby legged step. When I got back from Penticton after racing Ironman Canada, however, I had a new sort of message in my inbox. The sports writer from Northwest Asian Weekly had contacted me to congratulate me on the race and to ask if I’d be interested in being interviewed for the site. Stoked that I’ve never been interviewed for anything non-Internet marketing related, I happily obliged.

Apparently the author, Jason Cruz, is also a triathlete and was doing some research on Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3 when he came across my lovely opinion of the race. Thanks to some quick sleuthing, he was able to deduce that I’m somewhat Asian and thus an appropriate fit for the site. Being Korean has finally paid off. Jason may have gotten a full scholarship to UW for being Panamanian, but I got a feature in a regional Asian news website. In your face, suckaaaaa!

Anyway, the article is up and chronicles how I got started doing triathlons and my journey to become an Ironman. Check it out here — Self-Proclaimed ‘Mediocre Athlete’ is now an ‘Ironman‘. Enjoy!

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  1. Sara Keogh says:

    Loved it. And now you’re famous! You should get a clipping and frame it.

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