OMG Makeover

My astute readers will notice that the blog looks distinctly different from its original gangsta look since I launched it in 2008. I was never thrilled with the old blog theme and decided it was time for a little Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition.

The new design is more visual than Mediocre Athlete 1.0 — each post has a thumbnail that displays all purdy-like on the homepage. Also, I finally figured out how to add threaded comments, so now you can respond to a comment someone’s posted. It’s the wave of the future!

Hope you like the new design — I still have to work out a couple of kinks, but overall I’m pleased with the blog’s new aesthetic. Soon I’ll respond to my regularly scheduled posts about crappy workouts and how I’m getting super burned out on Ironman training and have spent more time eating frozen custard than swimming.

4 Responses to “ “OMG Makeover”

  1. teresa says:

    Man, I thought this post was going to be about the new haircut, the new clothes, etc….but I do like the new look of the blog!!! tn

  2. Jason's mum says:

    Kudos to your colorful and classy remodeled website. I’m thinkin’ that you may be due for a title change as well . . . while I applaud the self-deprecating humor of the current title, your determination, discipline, and race results attest to the fact that you have risen well above the level of mediocrity! (on the way to “uber” status?)

    • Rebecca says:

      I’d have to register a new domain if I wanted to change the title, plus everyone has gotten used to the name so why not stick with it. I’m still mediocre depending on what athletic activity I attempt.

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