Countdown to Canada: Holy Shit, It’s Happening

Countdown to Canada: Holy Shit, It’s Happening

Around this time last year, I had driven up to Penticton, slept in a teenage girl’s room, rooted on my teammates, and got sucked into the excitement and craziness that is Ironman Canada. I had zero intention of signing up with Jason, but watching the spectacle and the support of the entire town and seeing wave after wave of various athletes (elite, beginner, big, small, old, young) finish motivated me to chase after that feeling and experience it on my own. And so I plunked down six hundred big ones and spent a year training for a full Ironman. Now, one year later, the race has finally snuck up on me. Damnit.

It’s been a pretty crazy year of training, but oddly enough, I don’t feel as nervous going into the full Ironman as I did before my first half Ironman. I’ve learned a lot about the sport and about my abilities in the three years I’ve been doing this sport, and I’ve trained harder this year than any year of my life. I’ve emerged a somewhat better swimmer, a much better cyclist, and a stronger runner. I’ve trained in brutal wind conditions, freezing rain and snow, unbearable heat, and frothy white caps and managed to emerge 20 lbs lighter (Operation De-Chunkify for the win!), a bit more patient and knowledgeable, and a smidge faster than the day before.

Amazingly enough, all of the adverse weather I’ve had to endure this season has absolutely been worth it if the weather plans to be as great as its forecast (mid-70s and sunny, with clouds in the afternoon). I prepared for the worst at our training camp a month ago, cycling and running in 97-degree heat and searing sun, thinking if I could survive that, I could race in similar conditions at the end of August. Unless some unforeseen catastrophe happens (a sudden typhoon, volcano eruption, a Ski Free yeti attack), the conditions should be the best for any race I’ve done (great timing, Weather God!).

Jason and I have been having a lot of fun staying with Mark and Teresa before the race. Mark’s been nice enough to do his final workouts with us slowpokes, even though he’s fast enough to potentially qualify for the World Championships.

Mark, Jason and me before our final pre-Canada ride

On Friday we met up with our team and got in one last swim before the race. The water felt good and there was no Lake Washington-like chop, but my swim back to shore was a pain in the ass because I was swimming directly into the sun so I had problems seeing. Also, since there were so many athletes swimming, I ran into two people who were swimming out when I was swimming back. Blargh.

Emerging from the water looking like a giant next to LL Cool K

Today I’m trying to stay off my feet, hydrate like a fish, and think positive thoughts. Our friends Connie, Jeff, and Thomas are staying in the house with us, and they kept me laughing last night and wishing I could drink booze alongside them. I’ll try to finish as quickly as possible — the sooner I cross the finish line, the sooner I’ll have a beer in my hand. I’m a little bummed about having to carb load all week after spending eight months slimming down — I keep thinking I’m not going to fit into my race kit or haul my growing ass up Richter Pass. Hopefully I’ll burn off those extra taper pounds and will be able to rock a bikini on vacation next month without making people throw up in their mouths.

No matter how the race goes tomorrow, I hope to have fun and enjoy the day as much as possible. I’ll post a race report after I’m done and able-bodied enough to blog. Until then, wish me luck and here’s hoping I don’t crap myself at any point on the course tomorrow.

Go Team TNM!

6 Responses to “ “Countdown to Canada: Holy Shit, It’s Happening”

  1. teresa says:

    Yeah!! You are stronger both physically and mentally!!! Can’t wait for you special day!!! You have the perfect attitude for success. Proud of you.


  2. Sarah Clark says:

    Way to go! What strong finishes for both you and Jason! How awesome was hearing the phrase, “You are an Ironman,” when you crossed the finish line? More importantly, what was your post-race beer of choice?

    • Rebecca says:

      It was super awesome. No beer after the race though — stomach was janky so nothing sounded good. I did have a glass of champagne, and today I’m having beer and wine. 🙂

  3. Bri says:

    hurry up and write your race report so I can stop stalking your blog! I know you’re sitting on your bum in recovery 🙂

  4. Adrian says:

    “hurry up and write your race report so I can stop stalking your blog”

    Yeah that! The Internet demands a race report! 🙂

    Congrats Rebecca! You rock!

  5. Dave & Kin says:

    Congrats to both of you for finishing with good times!

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