Yeah, That’s Pretty Accurate

Yeah, That’s Pretty Accurate

There’s a video called “I’m Training for an Ironman” that’s been floating around the triathlon community lately, and much of it amusingly (and maybe shamefully) hits close to home. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’ve embedded it below:

The part where she asks the athlete what he gets for doing the Ironman is especially painful for me considering my mom asked me the exact same thing before I raced Ironman Canada and was somewhat disgusted and disappointed to hear that all I would get is a medal, a t-shirt, and an upside-down hat.

I can’t relate to the “waking up at 4:30” part — I only drag myself out of bed that early if I’m racing; otherwise, 6:30 or 7 is the earliest this lazy fool will get up to train. I should write a book called “The Lazy Person’s Ironman Training Guide” — it involves a lot of late-night trainer rides while blasting loud movies that probably piss off my neighbors.

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